Advanced Analytics and Data Science 

In addition to strategy and adoption support and strategic workforce planning, we support organisations with a selection of advanced analytics services. We are able to deliver analytics projects tailored to your organisation, help you understand AI, Machine Learning and its impact and provide training services to enable similar skill sets in your teams.

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Analytics Project Services

We provide outsourced analytical services for organisations that cannot conduct the analysis internally. Working with an organisation's existing HR technologies or deploying our own toolkits, we are able to capture and analyse all types of HR data, and help answer any 'people' question.

We support organisations to better understand the questions and hypotheses, and their work to answer these questions using data. 

From Engagement and Culture, to Recruitment and Learning, to Reward and Networks, or any other type of HR data, we are able to provide your organisation with the evidence it needs to make a better decision.


Machine Learning, AI and Advanced HR Technologies

There are almost as many buzzwords as their are HR technologies that talk about Machine Learning, artificial intelligence or advanced analytics.

We work with organisations to provide guidance and advice to both understand the implications of these evolving HR technologies for your organisation.

We work with our customers and our technology partners to support the roll out of HR analytics technologies.


Advanced Analytics Training

For organisations looking to develop their own advanced analytics capabilities, we provide training opportunities to develop the full range of skills necessary to deliver analytics value.

Our courses are available through our public workshops, the workshops we run with our partners, and privately for organisations.