Building a Business case

for People Analytics

Starting a people analytics function from scratch? Need to get budget to take your existing team to the next level? Need a way to justify investments in your team or technologies? You need a business case. We provide a full list of services, training and resources to help HR functions plan and articulate their investments into HR and people analytics.

How to build a business case for people analytics?

In this recording, we explore what a business case for people analytics looks likes, and how your organisation can build one.


Assess and benchmark the current state of your People Analytics function

We have developed a variety of tools which organisations can use to assess their current strengths and weaknesses as a People Analytics function.

Use the tool to assess your function, and then compare your results to industry benchmarks and case studies in the HR Analytics ThinkTank research library.


Building a Business Case for People Analytics

Whether you are building a function from scratch or trying to take an existing function to the next level, you will need to articulate the value your function will create and the resources you need and timescale to create that value.

Combining our extensive industry knowledge with unique benchmarks and references sourced from the HR Analytics ThinkTank, we support organisations build robust business plans for HR and People Analytics functions.

We also support organisations build business cases for specific HR technologies, helping to articulate the context within which the technology makes most sense.

Need help building your business case?


Build a Business Case Workshop

We run training workshops to help organisations build their own business cases for people analytics. 

These workshops are designed to enable attendees to understand the frameworks and approaches they need to build own business cases in their organisations.

Resources to help your business case

In addition to our workshops and services, we offer other free resources that organisations can access to improve their knowledge of people analytics and to help build their business case. 

Most of these resources can be accessed via our research community, the HR Analytics ThinkTank. 

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