Welcome to the new 3n Strategy website!

After years of questions and asking, we have finally updated the 3n Strategy website. It is now easier than ever to find out about our services, to sign up to our workshops and webinars, and link to our content.

The site will continue to be developed over the next three months as we add further interactive content and publish more articles, but in the meantime please let us if you have any questions or feedback please to let us know what you think via our contact page.

Here are some of the highlights on the new site:

Webinars and Events

Many of you will know that we run, sponsor and support a lot of free events - many people find it confusing to keep track! Hopefully the new 'Webinars and Events' section will help. In this area of the new site, you can find every event we are involved in. This includes 3n Strategy webinars usually talking about our work and services, HR Analytics ThinkTank webinars talking about research, and any meetup with are actively running or sponsoring.


Our HR Analytics ThinkTank research with the University of Leeds and Utah State University is a key part of what we do. This new page talks a little bit about how this came about and gives direct links to ThinkTank content.

Our Workshops

We have completely upgraded our workshop interface, and have added a selection of virtual events for you to sign up through. Whilst it is still possible to pay by invoice, it is now possible to pay instantly using your corporate credit card.

Our services

Lastly, if you need any support to help your organisation adopt a more evidence-based approach to its HR decision-making, we hope at the new services section of the site makes it clear what we do (and what we do not do).

More content and changes will be made over the next few weeks. In the mean time, we hope you enjoy the site.