People Analytics Strategy and Adoption

In order to be successful with HR and people analytics, it is necessary to understand and define what success looks like, what it takes to achieve and when that success is delivered. We specialise in supporting organisations to build strategies to enable their organisations adopt an evidence-based approach to HR decision-making. 

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Building a Business Case for People Analytics

Whether you are building a function from scratch or trying to take an existing function to the next level, you will need to articulate the value your function will create and the resources you need and timescale to create that value.

Combining our extensive industry knowledge with unique benchmarks and references sourced from the HR Analytics ThinkTank, we support organisations build robust business plans for HR and People Analytics functions.

We also support organisations build business cases for specific HR technologies, helping to articulate the context within which the technology makes most sense.


Designing your People Analytics Strategy.

HR and people analytics adds value by creating evidence to better inform the decision of an HR or business leader. There is no HR or 'people' decision where analytics cannot add value.

We work with organisations to help them identify and understand their HR decision-making, and where and how analytics can add most value.

Our strategies typically look out across a 2-5 year time period, and include milestone recommendations around teams, technologies and governance. 


Driving the Adoption and Scaling of Evidence-Based HR Decision-Making

There are two components to delivering HR and people analytics success: building a team that has the capabilities and the technologies to create and deliver the right evidence to decision-makers, and also ensuring that those decision-makers have the skills and behaviours necessary to use the evidence. 

In addition to helping develop strategies for team skills, structures and tools, we work with organisations to deliver the change management necessary to communicate, upskill and manage the way HR and business leaders interact with HR and people analytics insights.

Our change management tool kits are extensive, including communication template libraries, exclusive events to help manage senior stakeholders, eLearning content for scalable learning, and more. 

Our change management programmes are most effectively used within our Accelerator programme bundles. There are also Accelerator programmes and change management programmes specific to our technology partners.