Our Partners // SAP SuccessFactors

Our team has over 20 years of experience, working with over 50 organisations, implementing and rolling out their SuccessFactors analytics and strategic workforce planning tools. We provide a full range of individual and Accelerator services to ensure the successful implementation and adoption of the SuccessFactors analytics suite.

Increase adoption of Workforce Analytics using our SuccessFactors WFA Accelerator Programme.

Our SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics Accelerator Programme is a bundle of strategic and adoption services, training support and toolkits designed by 3n Strategy.


The Accelerator Programme is designed to not only deliver a best-in-class technical implementation and adoption support, but to accelerate how quickly your organisation achieves its WFA goals.

The programme bundles includes a menu of options that organisations pick to meet their needs a budgets.


Validate your analytics requirements and WFA Business Case


The SuccessFactors HXM suite supports HR and business leaders to deliver thousands of HR processes, capturing data on every aspect of the employee lifecycle.

We work with organisations to help them understand what decisions are being made throughout their organisation, and how analytics can add value over time. 

Our practical approach to designing Workforce Analytics strategy highlight the investments how your business will need to invest in WFA as a technology, and as a people practice.


Change Management: Improve the Adoption of Workforce Analytics

Your organisation's use of analytics as both a technology and as an HR practice will evolve. Different users will need to use the technology in different ways, and those ways will evolve over time.

In additional helping SuccessFactors customers plan their WFA strategy, we work alongside their analytics and reporting teams, delivering change management to accelerator your organisations adoption of data driven decision making.

This service is only available as part of our WFA Accelerator Programme.


Technical and Functional Implementations

Over the course of the teams careers, we delivered or supported the technical implementations and modifications of Workforce Analytics and Strategic Workforce Planning for over 80 enterprise organisations across the world.

The team boasts full accreditations for all SuccessFactors analytics modules and is frequently invited to deliver projects of high complexity and urgency.


Functional Expertise and Training

Part of our Accelerator programme includes training workforce analytics teams to become self-sufficient in their functional use of the tool.

Our support includes creating and supporting the design dashboards and reports, in partnership with WFA teams. 

These services include providing a customer service approach to answer adhoc questions on tool functionality, and full support for system admin and functionality questions.