Technology & Implementations

Technology is a key foundation to any analytics strategy. 3n Strategy works with a selection of leading HR technology providers ensuring our customers are able to collect and analyse data. This is to ensure decision makers benefit from the right evidence and the right time and in the right way. 

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HR Technology Strategy

Your people analytics technology strategy requires you to invest in tools with four types of functionality: Data Capture, Data Transformation, Analytics and Visualisaton and Communication. 

We work with organisations to ensure that they have the appropriate tools to deliver the value they require over time. 


Report and

Dashboard Design 

When building an evidence-based HR culture, the fastest route to failure is with poor report and dashboard design. 

We work with customers to design analytics experiences which enable users to make the best possible evidence-based decisions. 

HR Metric Definitions

To consistently enable evidence-based decision-making, it is important to have a consistently understood language of impact.

Establishing a standardised library of metrics that provide business impact whilst addressing localisations can be challenging.

We work with customers to help them adopt internationally recognised standards of HR metrics.


Technical and Functional Configuration

Poorly configured HR analytics technologies drive poor people analytics and undermine evidence-based HR decision-making.

We support organisations by collecting their HR data requirements and translating them into effective configuration documents. 

We are fully certified functional and technical implementation experts for certain HR analytics technologies.