Training and Learning 

We provide the full competent of training services to train people analytics teams and to drive the scaling and adoption of evidence-based HR decision-making throughout your organisation.

Training for People Analytics Teams and their Leaders

We deliver training workshops to HR data professionals enabling them to build the the skill sets they need to meet their function's requirements. 

Delivered virtually and in cities around the world, our public workshop catalogue include: Introduction to People Analytics, Intermediate People Analytics, Data Science for HR (beta), Becoming an Internal HR Analytics Consultant and Getting Started with Strategic Workforce Planning.


Scaling Adoption through eLearning

People Analytics teams can create the best insights, visualised and shared in the perfect way - but ultimately it is the HR and business leaders who make the people decisions.

As part of our Accelerator programme, we offer an catalogue of short eLearning courses designed to both upskill decision-makers and encourage evidence-based decision-making behaviour in their day-to-day activities.