Evidence and facts are important - not only when making decisions about our workforces, but when we are building the HR and people analytics functions that provide those facts. 

In 2015, Nigel Dias founded the HR Analytics ThinkTank to analyse and benchmark analytics functions and make it easier for functions to compare themselves to each other. It provided analytics leaders with empirical evidence to make better decisions about their functions.

Today, the ThinkTank has grown into a formal, private-academic partnership with the University of Leeds and Utah State University, boasting one of the largest online libraries available for HR and people analytics content, completely free of charge. We analyse the HR analytics industry, creating evidence and insights to enable practitioners to make better decisions about the functions they are building, the value they create for their organisations, and the way they manage their own careers. 

Each year, hundreds of analytics professionals take part in our research, and enjoy our reports, webinars and benchmarking. The ThinkTank is free to use and all we ask for in return is for you to take the time to participate in our research. Once completed, you will gain access to all the reports, webinars and a whole host of other information.


Please visit the website for more information on upcoming research.

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