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Find out more about our services for Visier.

The Visier people analytics platform gives organisations the power to revolutionise the way their HR and people analytics leaders make decisions.

We will work with you to ensure you plan and build a team and tool set that embeds evidence-based HR decision-making, whilst maximising your investment in Visier.

If you have any questions, please fill out the form or email contact@3nstrategy.com.


Find out about our Accelerator for Visier

Our Accelerator programmes are designed to accelerate the speed at which organisations adopt people analytics as an HR practice as well as a technology. 

Our Accelerator programmes enhance your change management, using messaging, training, elearning and our advanced people analytics technology experience ensure your organisation adopt people analytics as a sustained HR practice and makes sure you maximise your investment into Visier itself.

By aligning our approach with your Visier subscription, we make sure your organisation will continue to get the most out of your subscription.


Build a Business Case for Visier


Are you trying to build a business case for buying a people analytics tool? Do you have Visier already, and need to plan how it will be used in the second phase of your people analytics growth?

We work with organisations to define success so that people analytics teams can define success and explain their requirements for investments.

Service available individually or as part of our Visier Accelerator programme.


Improving the Adoption of Visier

After go-live, how do you ensure that your HR and people leaders adopt an evidence-based approach to their decision-making, and use the platforms you have invested in to help them?

Our adoption include supporting organisations to position and communicate the value of people analytics to different populations on an on-going basis, as well as designing and offering training options to help decision-makers develop the skills and behaviours required for success.

We will also work with you to plan and improve your function use of Visier, from the front end to the role-based permissioning.

Service available as part of our Visier Accelerator programme only.


People Analytics Team Support

As you achieve more success with people analytics, you will need to invest in your team, its skills and its governance. 

Our consultants will use their own knowledge, our industry research and content libraries to help you set and evolve your governance and charters over time.

We support people analytics leaders plan how what skills their functions will need over time and provide the training your team needs to achieve success.


Why work with 3n Strategy?

3n Strategy is a specialist consultancy, focusing exclusively on the adoption of evidence-based HR decision-making. Our services are designed based on practical experiences and widescale industry research.

Our team has extensive experience in delivering people analytics and strategic workforce planning success - usually maximising the tools developed by our partners. 

As Visier partners, we ensure that you only achieve (and can prove) people analytics success but also deliver the ROI on your technology investment.