About 3n Strategy

Organisations make thousands of decisions about the way they manage their people on a daily basis. Decisions which impact how well the workforce can deliver on the business’ goals and the way they operate. Through the use of data and analytics, we believe that every one of those decisions can be made better.

3n Strategy believes that if the right decision-maker has access to the right evidence, at the right time, in the right way, it is possible to improve the way that any decision is made.

Our mission is to help businesses adopt evidence-based practices and behaviours to improve the way decisions are made. Through this, we help businesses perform better and improve the way people experience their careers. 

We combine decades of HR analytics experience with cutting edge technology partnerships, to ensure our customers can adopt the practices and technologies required for success.


The field of HR analytics is rapidly evolving, so we commit to continually research industry practices, and share our insights openly so that the field as a whole can grow and benefit.


As a customer, partner or research participant, we hope you will join us.

Nigel Dias

Managing Director

3n Strategy