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What are the common barriers to People Analytics and how do you overcome them? 

What are the most common obstacles to people analytics success for SuccessFactors customers?

Are you able to answer the following questions about data-driven HR at your business?:
  • Does your vision for success include more than a dashboard?
  • Do you know what questions matter most to people decision makers across our business?
  • Do you have clear objectives for what people analytics success looks like in 1 year? 2 years? 3 years?
  • Do you know when and how to grow the shape and skills of your people analytics team over time?
  • Do you have a plan for driving the adoption of data-driven HR?
  • Do you know which SAP people analytics tool is the best tool for your business?
If you answer "No" to one or more of the questions above and other similar questions, then like many SuccessFactors customers, there are obstacles to achieve success with people analytics at your business.

What is the result of identifying the obstacles to your people analytics success?

When SuccessFactors product owners and people analytics leaders cannot answer these types of questions they are often put on the back foot, unable to explain or build an HR technology strategy with confidence. The good news is that, like everything in business and HR, identifying the obstacles to successful people analytics does not need to be hard. For all businesses it is possible to:
  • Identify and agree what people analytics success looks like with HR leadership
  • Drive the adoption of data-driven HR across your business
  • Build a business case for growing the size and skills of your analytics and reporting team
  • Understand when your business should use SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics, Stories in People Analytics, use other analytics tools - and even when there is no technology solution

How can you identify the obstacles to your people analytics success?

In order to achieve success quickly, SuccessFactors customers have two options:
  1. Learn the Technology. In order to learn about Workforce Analytics, Stories in People Analytics and SuccessFactors data customers can use SAP Help and blogs or use resources from a specialist partner (like 3n Strategy) to read blogs and attend webinars on the subject. 3n Strategy also works with SuccessFactors owners to provide a full range of services to maximise people analytics at your business.
  2. Learn about People Analytics. In order to learn about people analytics functions and data-driven HR culture, SuccessFactors customers can turn to free resources like 3n Strategy's research foundation, the HR Analytics ThinkTank or our blogs. 3n Strategy also provides all the services and tools required to drive people analytics functions.

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