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What is people analytics success?

Enable your team to Make Better People Decisions using HR Data to prove the impact of HR on the business. 

What types of HR questions can SuccessFactors answer using people analytics?

People analytics is about more than data, dashboards and statistics. When businesses invest correctly in data-driven HR, they make better and better decisions, increasing the likelihood of achieving positive outcomes.
They can answer broad business questions such as:
  • What is the impact of HR on the business?
  • What HR strategies are more likely to achieve our long-term business goals?
  • What can we do to improve the efficiency of our HR processes?
They can answer any HR question such as:
  • Which HR strategies are most likely to reduce the gender pay gap within five years?
  • How can we improve recruitment processes and reduce time to fill?
  • What impact will the future of work and hybrid work have on our business?
  • How can we keep our people safe as the world adapts to COVID19?
They can even answer questions about their HR technologies such as:
  • What impact is SuccessFactors having on our HR processes?
  • Our use of SuccessFactors should evolve over time - where are the opportunities to improve?
  • Are we capturing the right data?
  • Are we driving the adoption of of data-driven HR?

Does your business know what HR questions matter the most?

Most businesses and HR functions do not understand the full breadth of HR questions and decisions being made across their organisation. This means their strategies for people analytics can become limited, their functions grow slowly, their use of technology is undermined and they are slower to adopt data-driven HR. Worst of all, HR leaders miss out on the opportunities to make better people decisions and proving their the positive contribution of HR on business outcomes and the employee experience.

How can your business achieve people analytics success and adopt data-driven HR?

HR executives and people analytics leaders that can agree on a vision and strategy, including realistic targets and expectations, are the most likely to achieve data-driven HR success. 3n Strategy can help your HR executives and leadership teams to understand the HR questions that matter to your business, to fully understand the long-term options for people analytics at your organisation, and create achievable expectations.
In order to achieve success, SuccessFactors product leaders and people analytics leaders need to a plan for people analytics success as both an HR technology and an HR practice. 3n Strategy can work with your organisation to better understand all people analytics technologies, build data strategies and help design your people analytics team and adoption campaigns.

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