Webinars and Events

We believe in sharing knowledge and the power of community. Through the HR Analytics ThinkTank, we regularly host and share industry research and stories; through our meetup support we help people find and grow grassroots HR analytics communities; and through 3n Strategy's webinars we try and share practical steps about industry practices and how we can help. All events are free unless otherwise stated.

Upcoming Events and Webinars

London HR and People Analytics Meetup (Details coming soon)
Online Webinar
Your SuccessFactors Data Strategy: Workforce Analytics vs Stories in People Analytics
Online Webinar
How to Build a Data Driven HR Culture
Online Webinar
HR Analytics ThinkTank: The Aviva People Analytics Journey
Online Webinar
Everything you need to know about SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics
Online Webinar
Nigel Dias @ HRTechX (Delayed)

Previous Webinars

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